May 082014

A Living Room

Installation of ceramic, concrete, metal, glass, granite, plastics, paper, textile, and wood, 2014

The installation A Living Room (2014) in the Teijin Auditorium forms the surrounding for a new performance by artist duo Sander Breure & Witte van Hulzen, entitled A Family Portrait (2014), which is part of the ongoing performance program Stage It! (Part 3): SCRIPTED. The various objects represent the weight and different types of materials in the living room of a Dutch model family: the stainless steel pans, white ceramic tableware, clear wine and drinking glass, wooden furniture structures and the black gray casing of the television.

Artist duo Sander Breure & Witte van Hulzen photographed and weighed every object in the house of an existing Dutch model family, from paperclip to dining table. Subsequently, the total volume of these objects has been redesigned as abstract geometric shapes and in this way, have become disconnected from their original functionality and familiarity. The installation of these objects is a distorted reflection of the diversity of material in an average living room, as well as the way in which economic, social and cultural conditions dictate the circumstances we live in.

-Hendrik Folkerts, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

May 072014

Commissioned Self Portrait

Commissioned drawings, installation, 2013

We asked Pim van den Berg – member of the city council in the city of Amerfsoort – to make a blind self-portrait every day he was at work in his office. We designed a drawing table with a mirror which was put in his office opposite of his working desk behind which he could make his portraits every morning, literally intervening in his daily office routine.

In an interview, reflecting on his portraits, mr. Van den Berg said: “When after the summer holidays I started shaving with a razor, I also looked more intensively in the mirror. And then there are moments that I recognised while making the drawings; looking at myself estranged from myself. As if your face changes into something else”

The drawings that Pim van den Berg made are exhibited together with the table and a picture of him drawing in his office. .