Feb 202015



Phi and Laurine, HD-video, 38 minutes, 2015 installation overview at Projections Art Rotterdam

Phi and Laurine

HD-video, 38 minutes, 2015

The video Phi and Laurine is a portrait of the actors and lovers Phi Nguyen and Laurine Booij. Both are brought into the limelight by the camera from different perspectives and in different roles. The film itself can be seen as an attempt to dissect the protagonists in a figurative sense, as it were, looking for the answer to the question: who are Phi and Laurine? But the film also refers literally to the tradition of the “Anatomy Lesson” in the visual arts: the bodies of Phi and Laurine have been turned inside out, as it were, with imaging techniques – which are used more frequently in the medical world.

Breure & Van Hulzen filmed ‘close up’, the camera follows the actors and the gaze of the viewer penetrates not only the daily life, but even the body of the actors. From staccato transitions to the blending of time; from VHS to High Definition and vice versa: the film is a collage of rapidly alternating images in which the present is mixed associatively with images of the past and with the medical recordings. As the camera zooms in, the line between the inner and outer world gets blurred and in this way a new reality is being created in the portrait of Phi and Laurine.

text: Pietje Tegenbosch

Actors: Laurine Booij, Phi Nguyen

Sound: Thomas Bensdorp
Color correction: Michiel Rummens
Subtitles: Basia Dajnowicz

With special thanks to:

Hans en Marina Booij
Mark Colijn
Ine te Rietstap
De Veenfabriek
Wim T. Schippers
Andrea van Beek

Martin van Vreden
Pietje Tegenbosch

Kleitia Zeqo
Joppe van Hulzen
Deborah Mostache