Apr 012019

The Floor is Lava

Installation overview from the solo exhibition “The Floor is Lava” at Marres, Maastricht, 2019

Fourth rule (the rights of a Watchman on the roof):

A Watchman has the right to:

  1. Sing.
  2. Shoot at whomever comes along.
  3. Invent and compose, also make notes, and recite in a low voice, or learn by heart.
  4. Look over the panorama.
  5. Compare life below to an anthill.
  6. Contemplate book publishing.
  7. Take a bed along.

[From Daniil Kharms, I’m a phenomenon quite out of the ordinary. Selected, translated, and edited by Anthony Anemone and Peter Scotto. Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2013]

Photos: Gert Jan van Rooij