Apr 032019

Seven Adresses

Seven-channel video installation, 2019

On seven television screen we see recordings made in seven different houses. Predominantly, we see images of contemporary still-lifes: the remnants of a take away meal, or old toys stuffed away in the attic. These images each tell us something about the person that inhabits the house; a portrait of someone arises by looking at their possessions. Together, the seven screens also provide a view of our times, a perspective on how we live our daily lives. Sometimes the inhabitants also appear in the films when they re-enact a dream or a memory in front of the camera.

This work originated as a commission by BAK, Basis voor Aktuele Kunst, Utrecht, and Centraal Museum, on the occasion of the performance What is the City but the People? from an idea by artist Jeremy Deller.

Photos: Gert Jan van Rooij