Jan 252012

Galeri Ansgar Lund

Performance, five days eight hours per day, 2010

We developed a performance for the “no holds barred program” at Art Amsterdam 2010 in which the phenomena of the gallery and the art fair itself are exposed. The performance continues for the entire five days of the fair.

We founded “Galeri Ansgar Lund” which instead of taking part in the fair, makes the fair a decor for a performance in which the focus lies not on objects, but on a temporary situation between people. In Galeri Ansgar Lund artworks become props and people become art.

In collaboration with tegenboschvanvreden, supported by Flatland Foundation

Performed by: Harm van Geel, Judith Hazeleger, Xavier Fontaine

Production: Thomas VandeWalle, Chris Louwrier

Costume design: Selina Parr

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