12 Interventions for the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Performance, Variable durations, 2021

These performances are intended as interventions in the workday of the employees of the museum. Every performer must be paid by the museum directly or indirectly, and execute the performance within their paid working hours. As such the performances give visibility to the hidden labor that takes place in the museum. Some of the performances are meant to take place in the gallery spaces, others are not. There can never be more than one performance per gallery space. The audience should discover the performances by chance, and not be invited for the event.

commissioned by: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

curated by: Karen Archy

graphic design: Elisabeth Klement

performed by: Rebecca Timmermans, Maurice Rummens, Claire van Els, Flaminia Fortunato, Rein Wolfs, Berber Hoftijzer, Martijn Janssen, Dorine de Bruijne, Amanda Smits.

special thanks to: Fabienne Chiang

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