Bronze, Steel, Socks, Slippers, EarPods with Lightning-connector, 175 × 65 × 40 cm, 2022

tegenboschvanvreden at Art Antwerp 2022

Doorman, 2022, is a new work by Breure & Van Hulzen. It is an upright shape, a stele, with dimensions that look 'human'. There is a keyhole in the vertical shape. The left side of the bronze plate is curved and suggests a certain volume, approximately that of a door. Two earplugs hang over the sculpture. On its foot are two slippers and a pair of socks. As if someone took them off recently and went through the door. Or has become the door. Breure & Van Hulzen came up with the idea for the keyhole when they looked at the booklet 'Voyeur' by Hans Peter Feldman in the studio of Paul (Kooiker). They searched for a balance between seriousness and a playful touch, for the moment when the two become the same.

(Pietje Tegenbosch)

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