March Fanfare March, Roll Fanfare Roll (excerpt), single-channel video, 20 minutes, 2008

March Fanfare March, Roll Fanfare Roll

performance, duration variable, 2008

A traditional fanfare from the Dutch village of Velp plays and performs the music and choreography of Sander Breure & Witte van Hulzen. The fanfare is divided up into smaller groups, each with their own characteristic music and choreography. The environment where the piece was performed, a church, also plays a role; over a speaker system environmental sounds are played back (rustling of the crowd, mumbled prayers and the tolling of the bells) and the church organ is played live together with the fanfare. The piece is presented as an installation, an ongoing performance during which the audience can enter and leave whenever they want.

Performed by: Drum- & Showfanfare Mr. H. M. van der Zandt with Andrea Friggi on organ

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