George Grosz with mask, ink on paper, 178 x 125 cm, 2017


Untitled, ink on rice paper, 112 x 96,5 cm. 2017


Those are pearls that were her eyes. Look!, ink on rice paper, 112 x 96,5 cm, 2017


And he vanished from their sight, ink on rice paper, 203 x 95 cm. 2017

Drawings 2017

The four drawings of Wild Wall # 3 – made by Sander Breure & Witte van Hulzen in 2017 - have gained a special meaning, in this time of forced isolation. In each of the drawings the face of the depicted figure is covered, whether by wearing a mask (1), by hands being slapped in front of the face (2,3) or by disappearing into a laptop (4). People cover their faces as a sign of grief, sadness, or shame, or as they do today for safety reasons. However, the paradox of the mask is that it not only disguises -or protects- but can reveal things too. This also happens in the online experience, which is now the only form of communication. The idea of disappearing is fundamental to the online presence in which someone pops up or disappears like a ghost at the touch of a button. Contact is different without the possibility to read someone's body language. People often assume a different personality online, a mask, and can thus manipulate their own identity.

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